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About Primeval Beauty

I've been in the reptile industry in one form or another since 1990, have successfully bred dozens of species of reptiles including boas, pythons, colubrids, venomous, geckos, turtles, crocodilians etc. Continually striving toward producing the finest in captive bred reptiles coupled with the highest levels of customer satisfaction and support. We acquire the highest quality animals from the most distinct breeders in the hobby, to produce the absolute most stunning reptiles. 

Here's a little background for those who are interested.

Steve Beamer:

Livestock Manager : International Wildlife Tuckahoe NJ 1990-1993

Owner/Operator : Alternative Exotics, Old Hickory TN 1999-2002

Owner/Operator : Primeval Beauty , Nashville TN 2002-Present


Partners In Crime:


Kevin Pratt: Partner in Breeding projects, Shows, Field trips, Road trips.

Scott Linzey : Reptile Enthusiast, Snake Breeder, Partner on Breeding Projects, Road Trips.

Sterling Buster : Reptile Enthusiast, Partner on Breeding Projects, Shows, Field trips