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Last Updated July 6th, 2013

2014 Season Projected Offspring For Sale
Please inquire if interested in specific projects. This list is not conclusive and does not reflect current availability but a general list of projects.

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Ball Pythons For Sale:
Spotnose and Powerballs + Combos including both recessive and Co-dominant traits.
Black Pastel
Silver Streaks
Piebalds and Hets
Albino and Hets
Piebald Albinos and possible double Hets
Pastels ,Supers and combos
Butters and combos
Enchis and combos
Calicos and combos
Pinstripes and combos
Spiders and combos
Yellow Bellies and combos
with more to come....

Angolan Pythons

Black Headed Pythons

Sumatran Red Blood Pythons

Sunset Indian Sand Boas

Western Hognose Morphs:
Albino and hets, Hypos, Green phase, Maroon Tigers and Albinos,
Toffeebelly and hets, and Normal pug nosed cuties...

Rat Snakes:
Scaleless Texas Rats
White sided Rats and Albino Whitesides
Scaleless Whitesides and Albino Scaleless Whitesides soon to come....
Honduran Milksnakes, Albino, Tangerine, Hypos, Anery
Hets for all of the above traits available as well

Steve Beamer