Steve Beamer (615) 351-8474

Terms of Service

Sex, genetics, and health are guaranteed. Photo ID available ON REQUEST. We guarantee live arrival EXCEPT where temps are below 32 degrees F or above 90 degrees F know your local temps and please advise us of extremes. We only ship in styro lined perishable boxes, with appropriate heat or cold packs depending
on season.

Shipment FedEx Priority Overnight unless otherwise agreed upon prior to shipping.

By credit or checking through PAYPAL, as well as personal check, money order, cashier's check, or bank draft. We will not ship until the check or MO clears.

Payment Plans Available:
1/3rd down the remainder payable within 90 days of initial deposit. If not paid in full within 90 days 50% of the deposit will be forfeit and the animal will be placed back on the market.